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A glimpse of what the Juniors are doing at Polam Hall School

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Y4 Trip to Killhope Mine

On Thursday, the intrepid Year 4 pupils experienced what life was like in the Victorian era industrial North Pennines. The morning was spent crushing ore to find Galena and Fluorite, a few budding geologists for sure. They also adventured into the pitch black tunnels, getting a feel for the challenging conditions lead miners contended with during this time (this included many children who worked there as ‘washers’). The gang also witnessed the incredible force of pre-electricity water wheel power and how it enabled the mechanisation of the industry processes.


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Conker Sale!

Emily’s Conker Sale on Friday went really well, not just with the amount of money that she collected for the CF Trust but also for the excitement it brought.


In the run up to Friday, Emily practised her money maths, created posters and wrote a list of what she would need. She organised her two friends, Matthew Buckingham and Freya Wilkinson so both they and their parents knew what to expect.


The conker sale itself was a great hit, the stall had a constant flow of children and grown ups from the minute the mums were allowed through the gate. We all learnt a lot from the chatter that the customers brought. We now know that conkers around the house deter spiders and one very wise lady told us what you need to look for in a champion conker, a good curved edge and high shine, all things that help your opponent’s conker slide off yours in a match.


As well as conker sales we also had donations including £10 from a very generous Grandmother. The donations continued out of school too, friends and family contributed as well as local Clio Cup racing driver Max Coates who thought Polam must be a great school if they are happy to promote conkers.


When all the children had left and our money pot was full we skipped off for a pizza and practised another maths skill, estimating the amount collected and we are very proud to say all of us underestimated the amount raised. Emily and her team raised £80 for the CF Trust plus (and just as importantly) gave some of her customers an insight into Cystic Fibrosis.

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Year 4 Ancient Greek Olympics


Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Greece and organised and participated in their own Olympic games.Each group was named after an Ancient Greek City state and the children wore their team’s colour to show support for their team. 


The children competed in 4 events: running, long jump, javelin and discus. All of these events were taken from the original Olympics held by the Ancient Greeks!


The winning group was Argos, with Corinth and Olympia coming second and third respectively.


All children participated and put in an amazing effort. I am really proud of the way the children cheered on their teams and supported each other.

Miss Hopper