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A glimpse of what the Juniors are doing at Polam Hall School

Year 3 Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) Workshop On Friday 16 March, Jane Miller, the Education Officer at Berwick Museum, and Mr Bowden, father of Monty and Kit, visited the Junior School to present a workshop about the Stone and Bronze Ages The Year 3 pupils used their knowledge of the Stone Age and the Bronze Age to ask questions and take part in an archaeological dig. They found two skeletons and used the evidence in the grave to make decisions about their lives. They deduced that the people lived during the Bronze Age because they found a clay beaker. Beakers were brought to the British Isles by people from Europe called the ‘Beaker people’ who made and decorated distinct beakers from clay. Using trowels, the children also found sewing needles made from animal bone and flint arrowheads. Afterwards, Holly and Liam enacted the part of a Bronze Age burial and together with artefacts to accompany them on their journey to the afterlife, flowers were laid by their sides. Everyone had a fantastic time and it was so valuable to see the term’s learning put into such a vibrant context. A huge thank you to Jane and Mr Bowden.

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